Fox Bet Sportsbook Review

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As part of our Sportsbook Reviews series, we look at a huge player of online gaming that’s now entered the sportsbook market - Fox Bet. From the owners of PokerStars, The Stars Group moved into New Jersey on the 13th of September to launch their sportsbook. This review provides an overview of key information when using Fox Bet, its key features, strengths and drawbacks. You can also opt to compare other sportsbooks with our Sportsbook Comparisons.

  • Huge bonuses
  • Innovative features
  • Integrated platform with casino & sportsbook

Fox Bet Sportsbook Summary

One of the more obvious appeals of Fox Bet is the ginormous brand behind it. Originally launching in 2001 as a Costa Rican country, PokerStars quickly became the biggest online poker site in the world – and was seen as a catalyst for the surge in the popularity of online poker in the mid-2000s. Eventually in June 2014 they were acquired by Amaya Inc, now known as The Stars Group in a multi-billion dollar deal.

In August 2018, The Stars Group in conjunction with Resorts Casino Hotel extended their partnership in the New Jersey online gambling realm, and announced their intentions to launch a mobile emphasised sportsbook. This would come to fruition in September, where they launched their mobile app on Apple and Android and became the eight online sportsbook in the area.

Though fresh in the New Jersey scene, The Stars Group now possess a large presence in sportsbooks around the world, with major operations in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Launched in late 2015, Fox Bet and The Stars Group now has experience in the industry and is sure to make an impact in its venture into New Jersey.

Operates In

  • Sportsbook expected soon
  • Live

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

  Deposit Withdrawal
Bank Transfer
PokerStars Play+ Card
Resorts Cage

Wagering and Site Info

Minimum Withdrawal Varies by method – each one is specified in cashier.
Minimum Deposit $10
Sign-Up 21 years old +, New Jersey, Basic Personal Information, Social Security Number/Passport
Languages English
Odds Format American (Default), Fractional, Decimal
Sports Offered Football, Athletics, Australian Rules, Badminton, Bandy, Baseball, Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Bowls, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Floorball, Soccer, MMA, Futsal, Handball, Golf, Hockey, Motorsports, Poker, Rowing, Rugby Union, Snooker, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Winter Sports


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Strengths and Other Features

  • Interface & Mobile

    One disappointing element of Fox Bet is the lack of a desktop platform for punters to use, which the majority of the sportsbooks in New Jersey have. That largely is the main gripe with it – the mobile interface is extremely pleasing and realistically mobile is where most people bet through anyway, however Fox Bet would be wise to implement a desktop version in the near future.

    The graphics and colour scheme of the app, available on both Android and iOS, is really visually appealing and clearly their experience running one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world has come to the fore here. It’s simple, straight forward and draws the user’s attention to where they need to go. It also definitely attempts to emphasise its countless promotions and features such as spin & bet, which differentiates themselves from the rest of the New Jersey market. There are some simple tabs in the home page that are separated into popular, in-game and trending – with trending featuring the events that the most money is coming in for.

  • Sports Offered

    Fox Bet has a fairly extensive list of sports, though missing some sports such as cycling means there’s some other sportsbooks ahead in New Jersey. But there are definitely enough sports for the vast majority of those putting on a wager at any time to be satisfied.

  • In other countries, sportsbooks or bookmakers use give this ability to the person placing the wager to increase their odds on a certain event. Fox Bet does it a little differently in that it provides users with increased odds on certain featured favourites of the day. It puts these at the top of the home page so it’s impossible to miss.

  • Spin & Bet

    Spin & Bet is certainly an innovative feature in the sportsbook market, which Fox Bet has adopted from its sister company PokerStars and their ‘Spin & Go’. The principle is essentially the same and allows for punters to potentially multiply their odds as much as ten times the original amount.

    When punters are placing a wager and enter their stake, they will have the ability to Spin & Bet and get a result of one of the following multiples: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 5x or 10x. The catch is that 10% of the stake goes the potential jackpot.

    Whilst its feasibility and usefulness is dubious, it’s certainly an innovative feature and instantly separates Fox Bet from the current New Jersey market.

  • Cash Out

    As with many other sportsbooks in New Jersey, cash out is an option on Fox Bet – allowing you to get out of eligible wagers early. Those who don’t offer this option in NJ are certainly lagging behind, so it’s good to see Fox Bet include this.

  • Integrated Platform

    Something that will appeal to a lot of The Stars Group existing customers and indeed new ones is that Fox Bet will have a shared wallet. Therefore punters can go take their winnings from either poker or sports betting and use it on the other platform. Giving consumers this convenient option is sure to give Fox Bet an edge over other sportsbooks in the area.

  • Support

    Fox Bet offers a form as a support mechanism – where users put in their email and send a message through to support. Although it’s stated to be 24/7, the response time when it was tested by us was found to take a decent amount of time, and was certainly not as responsive as most live chats which many other bookmakers in the area possess.

  • Types of Wagers Offered

  • The Verdict

    The main thing to say about Fox Bet is that it has certainly made the biggest effort to distance itself from other sportsbooks in the New Jersey area. From its Spin & Bet that it’s innovated from its poker platform to its extensive offers, Fox Bet offers a point of difference that other sportsbooks can’t vouch for.

    A mobile platform that is functional on both iOS and Android is crucial in this day and age, and Fox Bet has made a clean and efficient product for users. However, it is a bit disappointing that there is no desktop website to bet on, as it simply reduces layers of convenience for people to wager; anyone who prefers this platform will lean towards the many other sportsbooks who offer it. Another drawback is that Fox Bet doesn’t have teasers as an option for betting yet, which leaves it behind the pack in New Jersey.

    Overall however, its introduction to the area is all part of a growing list of New Jersey sportsbooks that is already a very competitive market.


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